• cold press moon

    Dennis Cooley

    Like the best and most magical of fairy tales, this collection of poems catches our anxieties and hopes, glimmers with mischief and mystery, and somehow discovers the truth in ways both playful and profound.

  • Cold Skies

    Thomas King

    In this third DreadfulWater Mystery, the ex-cop photographer Thumps reluctantly helps the Chinook sheriff investigate the murders of two strangers in town for a major water conference – the keynote speaker and the scientist behind the revolutionary water extraction technology that they were going to present.

  • Cold White Sun

    Sue Farrell Holler

    This novel is based on the reallife experiences of a young boy smuggled out of Ethiopia to begin a new life in Canada. Tesfaye’s life here includes being sheltered by fellow expats, threatened by the authorities, and shunted from group home to foster care, all with no knowledge of what has become of the family he left behind.

  • Cracking Labour’s Glass Ceiling

    Cindy Hanson (Editor), Adriane Paavo (Editor), Adriane Paavo (Editor)

    This collection includes vibrant examples of women-only labour education events and the women who develop, implement, research, evaluate, and facilitate them. The contributors identify the methods used in pursuit of learner empowerment and transformation, and discuss the outcomes.

  • Dealing with Peace

    Simon Granovsky-Larsen

    This book presents the struggles of the Guatemalan campesino social movement during the country’s post-conflict transition from 1996 to the present. The author asks whether accepting neoliberal resources hampers the potential for transformative social change.

  • Dear Scarlet

    Teresa Wong

    This intimate graphic memoir tells the story, in text and illustrations, of Wong’s struggle with postpartum depression in the form of a letter to her daughter Scarlet, perfectly capturing the quiet desperation and profound feelings of inadequacy and loss.

  • Death Threat

    Vivek Shraya, Ness Lee (Illustrator)

    Based on vivid and disturbing transphobic hate mail that Vivek Shraya received from a stranger, this comic book uses satire and surrealism to give an unflinching portrayal of violent harassment from the perspective of both the perpetrator and the target, illustrating the dangers of online accessibility.

  • Dis/Consent

    KelleyAnne Malinen (Editor)

    The contributors to this collection argue that the conversations happening today around consent and sexual violence ignore and erase the multiple forms of oppression that make up that sexual violence, highlighting the sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism that are deeply intertwined with our social structures and institutions.

  • Disintegrate/Dissociate

    Arielle Twist

    This powerful debut collection of poetry explores, with both rage and tenderness, the parameters of grief, trauma, displacement, and identity, and navigates what it means to be an Indigenous trans woman.

  • Drolleries

    Cassidy McFadzean

    These sonically rich lyric poems traverse the vulnerability of confession and the dramatic possibilities of persona, invoking monsters as a way of working through internal turmoil, existential doubt, and heartbreak.

  • Echolocation

    Karen Hofmann

    With ironic accuracy and sensuous imagery, these stories present characters who struggle to connect or disconnect from entanglements and relationships, characters such as newlyweds who transform into feral beasts, backbiting faculty members, a heretical nun, and an ambitious bylaw officer.

  • Elizabeth of Bohemia

    David Elias

    Written with cinematic flair, this sweeping historical novel recreates the drama and intrigue of seventeenth-century England and the Continent, as it tells of Elizabeth’s marriage to Frederic of the Palatinate, her brief reign as Queen of Bohemia, and the struggle to keep her family intact as they are forced into exile.

  • Environmental Activism on the Ground

    Jonathan Clapperton (Editor), Liza Piper (Editor)

    This refreshing collection illustrates the processes and possibilities central to the survival of the environmental movement, going beyond the doom and gloom of the headlines, and highlighting the power of local, small-scale environmental and Indigenous organizing and activism.

  • Every Day We Disappear

    Angela Long, dee Hobsbawn-Smith (Editor)

    This book tells of Long’s travels around the world – planting trees in northern B.C., hitchhiking to Mexico, exploring her spirituality in India, and showing her Italian lover the “edge of the world,” Haida Gwaii – in playful and poetic personal essays.

  • Family Walks and Hikes in the Canadian Rockies - Volume 1

    Andrew Nugara

    This book provides detailed directions, colour maps and photographs, seasonal information and difficulty ratings for comfortable walks and spectacular hikes in diverse locations in the Rockies, including Elbow Falls, Tunnel Mountain, and Stanley Glacier.

  • Fanonymous

    M. C. Joudrey

    Jack, a guerilla street artist, moves to Winnipeg, where he hopes no one will look for him. Under scrutiny from international authorities, and tracked by a relentless special agent, he is on the run, and anonymity is his only protection.

  • Fighting with the Empire

    Steve Marti (Editor), William John Pratt (Editor)

    This collection of case studies examines the paradox of French Canadians, Indigenous Peoples, and those with roots in Continental Europe and beyond fighting wars for the British Empire for the first 80 years of Confederation.

  • Finding Father

    Mary Ann Loewen (Editor)

    Written by both well-known and first-time writers, the stories in this collection illuminate the often close and sometimes troubling relationships found between fathers and daughters. Contributors include Carrie Snyder, Hildi Froese Tiessen, Magdalene Redekop, and Julia Spicher Kasdorf.

  • Five Red Sentries

    Raye Hendrickson

    Using vivid Prairie imagery, such as granaries, endless sightlines, oceans of flax, and railroad tracks, this debut collection of poetry explores connection and loss, and celebrates strength and joy.

  • Flax Americana

    Joshua MacFadyen

    This book examines the changing relationships among farmers, urban consumers, and the land through the story of Canada’s first and most important industrial crop, flax, which produced not only seed for food, but also fibre for textiles and linseed oil for paint.