• Bestiary

    Dennis Cooley

    Bursting with a remarkable cast of spiders and fish, crows and bears, rats, chickens and cows, this collection of poetry gives free rein to very human feelings and the way they grow and stampede out on the Prairie landscape.

  • Better Angels: A Parable and Eating Pomegranates Naked

    Andrea Scott

    In Better Angels: A Parable, Akosua leaves Ghana to work for Greg and Leila Tate in the suburbs of a metropolitan city, becoming trapped in modern-day slavery. In Eating Pomegranates Naked, two couples and their single frenemy drink too much wine while examining their relationships.

  • Beyond Forgetting

    Howard White (Editor), Emma Skagen (Editor)

    Marking the centenary of Al Purdy’s birth, this anthology of poems written in tribute to him includes poets such as Milton Acorn, David Zieroth, Lorna Crozier, Cornelia Hoogland, Patrick Lane, Bruce Cockburn, Steven Heighton, and many more.

  • Bikepacking in the Canadian Rockies

    Ryan Correy

    Before his death from cancer in 2018, veteran cyclist Ryan Correy rode through the most popular national parks in the Rockies to complete this guidebook, which features beginner, intermediate, and expert routes in Waterton, Kananaskis, Banff, and more.

  • Bitter and Sweet

    Sandra V. Feder, Kyrsten Brooker (Illustrator)

    Drawing on Jewish culture and tradition, this subtle picture book shows how Hannah, with the help of her grandmother and a new friend, manages to discover the sweetness among the bitterness of moving to a new city.

  • Black Life

    Rinaldo Walcott, Idil Abdillahi

    This book seeks to place the activist work of Black Lives Matter Toronto into the broader context of Black Canadian activist struggles and Black struggles globally.

  • Black Writers Matter

    Whitney French (Editor)

    This anthology of African-Canadian writing offers a cross-section of established writers and newcomers who tackle contemporary and pressing issues – such as publishing and Black and Indigenous solidarity – with beautiful, sometime raw, prose.

  • Blackbird Song

    Randy Lundy

    Through close attention to elm trees and blackbirds, coulees and coyotes, these poems explore memory and nature in precise meditations, teaching readers to “hear the oxidized hinges on the doors of perception / squeak, opening and closing, swinging an inch or two, in the just-now / rise of wind.”

  • Bone Black

    Carol Rose GoldenEagle

    From the author of Bearskin Diary comes a novel that reimagines female revenge and retribution in the story of Wren StrongEagle, who, after her sister becomes one of the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women, takes justice into her own hands.

  • Boxitects

    Kim Smith

    Meg is a boxitect, that is, she loves to make things out of boxes. She is in her element when she goes to a Maker School with blanketeers, tin-foilers, and spaghetti-tects, until she meets her match in Simone, who is also a talented boxitect.

  • Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological Creatures

    Mark Crawford

    In this hilarious and thoughtful play about our ability to transform, Simon, his new friend Abby, and his older brother Zach improvise a fairy tale drama, but Zach is uncomfortable with the play-acting because Simon wishes to be Princess Simone.

  • Breaking Through

    Sue Irwin

    Amidst chapters on such great athletes as bobsledder Kaillie Humphries and hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser are facts about the athletes that paved the way, such as Beckie Scott and Clara Hughes, as well as black-and-white photos of the women in action.

  • Broke City

    Wendy McGrath

    The final book in McGrath’s Santa Rosa trilogy looks back at Christine’s childhood – how she gains knowledge about the adult world and tries to express a creativity that her working-class parents do not understand.

  • Bucking Conservatism

    Leon Crane Bear (Editor), Larry Hannant (Editor), Karissa Robyn Patton (Editor)

    Drawing on archival records, newspaper articles, police reports, and interviews, the contributors highlight the individuals and groups who challenged Alberta’s conservative status quo in the 1960s and ’70s, including Indigenous protesters, student activists, and anti-capitalist environmentalists.

  • Buddy and Earl Meet the Neighbors

    Maureen Fergus, Carey Sookocheff (Illustrator)

    In this fifth Buddy and Earl adventure, the rule-abiding dog and the risk-taking hedgehog take on super powers to not only befriend their neighbours, Mister the bulldog and Snowball the cat, but also to save Snowball from a tough spot.

  • Builder Brothers: Big Plans

    Drew Scott, Kim Smith (Illustrator), Jonathan Scott

    Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan are dreaming big in this first picture book by the hosts of the HGTV show Property Brothers. And their creativity really comes out when their fabulous plan doesn’t quite turn out like they thought it would.

  • By the Court

    Peter McCormick, Marc D. Zanoni

    The “By the Court” anonymous and unanimous approach to attributing decisions is unique to the Supreme Court of Canada among Western democracies. This book explores the purposes and potential future of this format, and features a complete inventory, chronology, and typology of these cases.

  • Canadian Justice, Indigenous Injustice

    Kent Roach

    This book critically examines the Canadian criminal “injustice” system as it relates to Indigenous Peoples by focusing on the Gerald Stanley/Colten Boushie case in Saskatchewan, providing historical, social, economic, and political contexts, a detailed reconstruction of the investigation and trial, and a discussion of the need for radical change.

  • Capri, La petite antilope des Prairies

    Danielle S. Marcotte, Andrew S. Davis (Illustrator)

    Capri, la petite antilope des Prairies est l’histoire d’une antilope qui se retrouve captive d’une clôture de barbelés, près de Val Marie et du Parc national des Prairies, en Saskatchewan. Menacée par un coyote, qui viendra à son secours? / This is the story of a pronghorn antelope trapped behind a barbed wire fence near Val Marie and the Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. When the antelope is threatened by a coyote, who will come to the rescue?

  • Carnet Brûlé (du monde qui crie)

    Marilyne Busque-Dubois

    Ces poèmes se nourrissent du territoire et des paysages indomptés de l’Ouest canadien. / These poems are inspired by the untamed territories and landscapes of the Canadian West.