PreviewsIssue 83, Fall/Winter 2023/24

  • Crash Harrison

    Tales of a Bomber Pilot Who Defied Death

    Deana J. Driver (Editor), Deana Driver

    Written in the voice of 100-year-old celebrated war veteran Reginald Harrison, this book shares his experiences of growing up on a Saskatchewan farm during the Dirty Thirties, and then his time in the Second World War as a bomber pilot in England, when he survived four crashes, thereby earning the nickname “Crash.”

  • 21 Black Futures

    The Anthology

    In 2021, Obsidian Theatre engaged 21 writers to each create a 10-minute monodrama about imagined Black futures to celebrate Obsidian’s 21st anniversary. Artistic director Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu’s curatorial aim in a pandemic time was aspirational and empowering, and contributors such as Cheryl Foggo, Lawrence Hill, Keshia Cheesman, and Kaie Kellough did not disappoint.

  • A Moment of Clarity

    Stories of Lives Lived and Unlived

    Frances Eldridge

    These 22 unsentimental stories set in Nova Scotia and the Prairies during the 1950s and the present and featuring both young and old female protagonists show that the past is far from idyllic, that the present is never predictable, and how one profound moment can turn a life around.

  • A New Global Geometry?

    The Socialist Register 2024

    Greg Albo (Editor)

    This newest edition of the Socialist Register series takes stock of how the momentous changes resulting from U.S. President Joe Biden’s 2022 National Security Strategy might alter the trajectory of globalization or point toward a new global geometry, and assesses potential resistances from socialist movements.

  • acâhkos: nikamowini-pîkiskwêwina / the star poems

    Jesse Rae Archibald-Barber

    This ambitious project succeeds spectacularly – the poet combines traditional Cree Star stories and their insights about our place in the universe and origins on Earth with scientific understandings of modern astronomy and quantum physics, and works to revitalize the Cree language by presenting the poems in both Cree and English.

  • Adorno’s Critique of Political Economy

    Adam Baltner (Translator), Dirk Braunstein

    This comprehensive account of the historical development of Adorno’s concept of economy and his critique of political economy draws upon Adorno’s lecture notes, personal correspondence, and other unpublished works.

  • Adventures in Small Tourism

    Studies and Stories

    Kathleen Scherf (Editor)

    Overtourism and the COVID-19 pandemic have shaken the travel industry, and this book provides a vision of regenerative tourism that could benefit both travellers and locals. It presents academic studies and personal stories about small tourism, which offers participatory, respectful, and celebratory methods of tourism rooted in community and cultural networks.

  • After That


    Lorna Crozier

    Heartbreaking and soul-restoring, these elegiac poems light a path through grief in images of nature (herons, wasps, bats, snow) and home (frosted windows, the smell of coffee, the sound of breathing), and are interspersed with profound and sometimes whimsical advice on how to keep going.

  • Agents and Structures in Cross-Border Governance

    North American and European Perspectives

    Bruno Dupeyron (Editor), Andrea Noferini (Editor), Tony Payan (Editor)

    This collection reveals how cross-border governance arrangements provide formal and informal frameworks to support cross-border co-operation, analyzing how those frameworks have emerged, the ways in which they have become institutionalized, and the processes by which they change and are challenged.

  • Alice of Spades

    Chase Kantor, Tiffany Tate (Illustrator), Christopher Peterson (Illustrator)

    Volume 1 of Alice of Spades brings back fan-favourite characters from The Saga of the Jack of Spades, following Alice, now the sole heir to the Spade throne, as she escapes religious zealots, assassins, and pirates, with only her lazy cat and the clothes on her back.