• A Brush With Depth

    Christina Vester, Rick Sealock

    This art book is a retrospective of the wild and wacky illustrations of Rick Sealock, who has contributed to such publications as Rolling Stone and GQ Magazine, but it is also a how-to guide on how to keep your work fresh and how to deal with clients.

  • A Love Letter to Emily C

    Sheri-D Wilson

    This interdisciplinary play – fusing theatre, poetry, visual art, and music – from spoken word legend and Calgary poet laureate Wilson explores the life and times of Emily Carr as she playfully interacts with her beloved monkey, Woo.

  • All of Us in Our Own Lives

    Manjushree Thapa

    Examining human interconnectedness, privilege, and the dual nature of international aid (its idealism and its moneyed nature), this novel is about Ava Berriden, a Canadian lawyer who moves to Nepal to begin a career in international aid and connect with the country of her birth.

  • Bad Imaginings

    Caroline Adderson

    Originally published in 1993, this collection of 10 intense stories features characters ranging from a 19th-century prospector to a chambermaid in Victoria in the Second World War to two longtime friends trying to figure out the ’80s.

  • Beyond Forgetting

    Howard White (Editor), Emma Skagen (Editor)

    Marking the centenary of Al Purdy’s birth, this anthology of poems written in tribute to him includes poets such as Milton Acorn, David Zieroth, Lorna Crozier, Cornelia Hoogland, Patrick Lane, Bruce Cockburn, Steven Heighton, and many more.

  • Bitter and Sweet

    Sandra V. Feder, Kyrsten Brooker (Illustrator)

    Drawing on Jewish culture and tradition, this subtle picture book shows how Hannah, with the help of her grandmother and a new friend, manages to discover the sweetness among the bitterness of moving to a new city.

  • Blackbird Song

    Randy Lundy

    Through close attention to elm trees and blackbirds, coulees and coyotes, these poems explore memory and nature in precise meditations, teaching readers to “hear the oxidized hinges on the doors of perception / squeak, opening and closing, swinging an inch or two, in the just-now / rise of wind.”

  • Buddy and Earl Meet the Neighbors

    Maureen Fergus, Carey Sookocheff (Illustrator)

    In this fifth Buddy and Earl adventure, the rule-abiding dog and the risk-taking hedgehog take on super powers to not only befriend their neighbours, Mister the bulldog and Snowball the cat, but also to save Snowball from a tough spot.

  • Children of the Bloodlands

    S.M.  Beiko

    The second book of the intricate Realms of Ancient series follows the paths of the five children – representatives of the five ancient animal families who maintain the world’s balance – who travel far and wide, this time to battle the monster called Seela that has risen from the Bloodlands.

  • Christmas

    Nikki Tate, Dani Tate-Stratton

    Part of the non-fiction Origins series for middle readers, this book about the history and practice of Christmas celebrations – games played, foods eaten, music played, and decorations displayed – all over the globe is illustrated with archival and colour photographs.

  • Cold Skies

    Thomas King

    In this third DreadfulWater Mystery, the ex-cop photographer Thumps reluctantly helps the Chinook sheriff investigate the murders of two strangers in town for a major water conference – the keynote speaker and the scientist behind the revolutionary water extraction technology that they were going to present.

  • Hide and Shriek

    Alison Hughes

    A Friday-night game of hide- and-seek, after the town’s new curfew, leads Emily, Tess, Cam, and Dylan into the kind of danger where they need to put their hide-and-seek skills to work for real.

  • Hiding Scars

    Richard Zaric

    Mark arrives in Winnipeg in 1913 to start a new life, and that life includes Mildred, who was once beautiful but is now horribly scarred, in this historical novel that spans the Great War, prohibition, and the influenza epidemic, and culminates in the explosive General Strike of 1919.

  • Hummingbird

    Devin Krukoff

    This intense, haunting novel follows Felix, an anxious and disturbed writer who has been losing time since university, and who now finds himself with a woman he doesn’t know, having written a book he doesn’t remember writing, while experiencing jarring flashbacks that do not bode well for his future.

  • Jessie the Doo-Doo Dog Goes to the Vet

    Bill Hutchinson, Jocelyn Hutchinson, Bill Hutchinson (Illustrator)

    Jessie and her sister Jo-Jo and their cousins, Katcha and Krissy, generally have nothing but fun, but when Jessie overhears that she’s going to the vet for her booster shots, she gets worried – especially when Krissy tells her that the vet might turn her into a sausage!

  • Just Julian

    Markus Harwood-Jones

    A companion novel to Romeo for Real, this modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with two young men as the lovers, gives the artistic and sensitive Julian’s perspective of the developing romance.

  • Kiss by Kiss / Ocêtôwina

    Richard Van Camp, Mary Cardinal Collins (Translator)

    This dual language (English/Plains Cree) edition of Van Camp’s delightful board book honours families from all backgrounds.

  • Lark Takes a Bow

    Natasha Deen, Marcus Cutler (Illustrator)

    This third title in the Lark Ba Detective series follows Lark and Connor as they investigate the mysterious pranks being played on the local community theatre company, pranks so nasty that the play is at risk of being closed before it opens

  • Le Silence se glisse près de toi

    Alison Hughes, Ninon Pelletier (Illustrator), Rachel Martinez (Translator)

    Voici une histoire tout en douceur, aux illustrations vaporeuses et au texte réconfortant, sur la façon de trouver le calme dans l’agitation qui nous entoure. With soft illustrations and soothing text, this is a quiet story about learning to find comfort in silence when the world becomes too busy and noisy.

  • Left

    Theanna Bischoff

    This suspenseful novel tells the story of missing 29-year-old Natasha Bell through a variety of perspectives, including those of Abby, her younger sister; Greg, her ex-boyfriend; Josie, her born-again Christian best friend; Reuben, the investigating police officer; and tip-line messages, Natasha’s old diary entries, and news announcer transcripts.