PreviewsIssue 75, Fall/Winter 2019/20

  • 1818

    pièce en hommage du bicentenaire de l’arrivée de Mgr Provencher à la Rivière-Rouge

    Rhéal Cenerini

    Une Métisse âgée des prairies se remémore, dans sa langue, les faits historiques de son peuple. Elle parle de sa vie, ses maris, ses enfants et des injustices que certains ont subi. / Published in French and in the author’s English translation, 1818 is a play that commemorates the bicentenary of Archbishop Provencher’s arrival at the Red River colony through the stories of an elderly Métis woman from the Prairies – her life, her marriages, her children, and injustices some people suffered.

  • A Hermeneutics of Violence

    A Four-Dimensional Conception

    Mark M. Ayyash

    This book places in dialogue various theories of violence from the disciplines of anthropology, sociology, international relations, and philosophy to examine the many facets of violence.

  • A Reconciliation without Recollection?

    An Investigation of the Foundations of Aboriginal Law in Canada

    Joshua Ben David Nichols

    This clear, critical analysis of the history of Aboriginal law exposes the limitations of the current constitutional framework of reconciliation by following the lines of descent underlying the relationship between Crown and Aboriginal sovereignty.

  • Walk in Wascana, A

    Stephanie Vance, Wendi Nordell (Illustrator)

    Wascana Park in Regina, with its elm trees, big sky, squirrels, ducks, muskrats, and shining water, is the perfect place for a boy to explore and play hide-and-seek with a bunny.

  • Advice for Taxidermists and Amateur Beekeepers

    Erin Vance

    This quirky and compact novel presents the remaining Morris family, after youngest sister Margot and her two young daughters and unborn child die in a house fire. Agatha, the beekeeper, Teddy, the albino taxidermist, and Sylvia, a new mother eager to get back to climbing, have just about given up worrying about whether the deaths were an accident or murder.

  • Air Salt

    A Trauma Mémoire as a Result of the Fall

    Ian Kinney

    In this subversive and intriguing collage, Kinney (un)writes his hospitalization and recovery from a seven-storey fall, stitching together splintered narratives with verse, and cutting up and reassembling found text from correspondence, personal journals, police reports, and more.

  • Akihtásowina

    Ann-Margaret Day-Osborne

    This book for children ages three to five introduces them to numbers 1 to 10 in Cree, English, and Cree syllabics, and is illustrated with vivid colour photos of real objects for easy identification.

  • All the Lovely Pieces

    J.M. Winchester

    Drew Baker is trying to prove her brutal husband’s true nature while on the run from him and from her own terrible crimes. How can she protect her 10-year-old son if the police or her husband catch up with her?

  • Amber Fang: Betrayal

    Arthur Slade

    Librarian-vampire Amber Fang is still looking for her mother, who disappeared three years ago, and still feeding on unrepentant murderers once a month, in this second book in the series. A clue about her mother’s possible whereabouts leads her to a secret compound in Antarctica, where she discovers much more than she anticipated.

  • Amber Fang: Revenge

    Arthur Slade

    In Book Three of the Amber Fang series, the librarian-vampire can’t decide if she can trust Dermot, a secret agent who promised to help her rescue her mother, but she also doesn’t know if she can do it on her own with fellow vampires hot on her trail. Then ZARC Industries goes too far, and Amber is out for revenge.