PreviewsIssue 80, Spring/Summer 2022

  • Accidents

    Genni Gunn

    In forms such as the glosa and the sestina, Gunn’s poems travel through place – Burma, Vancouver, Trieste – and time – with concise histories of mask use and spontaneous human combustion – examining absences, artifacts, and accidents of the heart.

  • After Beowulf

    Nicole Markotic

    This fresh and whimsical rendering of the classic Anglo-Saxon story deconstructs it while embracing and challenging the heroics of Beowulf, the man who fights monsters and who practically invented the tradition of entitled bravery.

  • All the Seas of the World

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    A small merchant ship sends two assassins ashore on a dark night – a young woman who has escaped servitude and is bent on revenge, and a man who as a boy was exiled with his family for their faith. This intimate and epic novel evokes a near-Renaissance world, and offers moving reflections on memory, fate, and power.

  • Arborophobia

    Nancy Holmes

    The elegies, litanies, and indictments in this latest collection by Holmes explore the wonder, guilt, and grief of human life and the state of the natural world. Boundaries between humans and nature, between the spiritual and the earthly, are blurred, and the problem of hope in times of crisis is tackled.

  • Are You Sara?

    A Novel

    S.C. Lalli

    Two women, Sara Bhaduri and Sarah Ellis, connect at the campus bar, and each takes a rideshare home at the end of the evening. Sara wakes up in the car on the wrong – rich – side of town, and walks back to her apartment to discover the police and the dead body of Sarah on her doorstep. Who was the real target? And why would anyone want either of them dead?

  • Black Umbrella

    Katherine Lawrence

    This poetry collection – in vows and curses, love poems and elegies – follows a life through childhood, middle age, and into the older years, exploring the complexities of marriage, infidelity, and the mother-daughter relationship with clear-eyed courage.

  • Bodies in Trouble

    Diane Carley

    The stories in this collection capture precise moments of awareness, portraying a variety of characters, such as teens with divorced parents and couples disengaging, who are coping with those relationships – family, neighbours – that can’t be avoided, navigating without obvious landmarks.

  • Catastrophe Theories

    Mari-Lou Rowley

    The poems in Rowley’s latest collection reflect an unstable, surreal, and catastrophic world, exploring the lives and concepts of mathematicians alongside dream imagery and Rowley’s love of science and nature. The poems fracture reality, then bring the reader back to small moments of truth or joy.

  • Copperhead Road

    Brad Smith

    It’s 1936 in North Carolina, and the molasses business is drying up along with everything else. Except for moonshine – that just might save the Flagg family. Ava, home from the city, takes charge and recruits Bobby Barlow, who is having a hard time staying out of jail, but who can drive through anything, fast enough to stay ahead of the cops – or so he hopes.

  • Down Came the Rain

    Raye Anderson

    After a relatively peaceful winter learning her new position running the RCMP detachment in Fiskar Bay in the Manitoba Interlake region, Roxanne Calloway spends the spring dealing with a murderer known online as the Culvert Cop Killer, who may be targeting her whole team.