PreviewsIssue 82, Spring/Summer 2023

  • 20:12 m: A Short Story Collection of a Life Lived as a Road Allowance Métis

    Arnolda Dufour Bowes, Andrea Haughian (Illustrator)

    Based on the experiences of her father, Arnold Charles Dufour, who lived in the Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Road Allowance Community, these five stories celebrate and acknowledge the humble living conditions of Métis Road Allowance families and their grit and tenacity to survive and succeed in the face of hardships. “20.12m” refers to the narrow width of many of the road allowances throughout the Prairies.

  • A Grandmother Begins the Story

    A Novel

    Michelle Porter

    In this debut novel, five generations of Métis women – women seeking knowledge of their heritage, women conquering demons from their past, women seeking entrance to the Afterlife – argue, dance, struggle, laugh, love, and tell stories as they move into healing.

  • A Night at the Gardens

    Class, Gender, and Respectability in 1930s Toronto

    Russell Field

    Drawing on archival records, Field examines the history of hockey through the experiences of spectators at the famed Maple Leaf Gardens, exploring the neighbourhood in which the arena was situated, the design of its interior spaces, and the ways in which it was operated in order to appeal to respectable spectators at a particular intersection of class and gender.

  • A Ribbon of Highway

    A Photographic Exploration of Canadian Identity

    Taylor Roades

    The photographs in this collection, taken over a decade and from one coast of Canada to another, explore and question what being a Canadian means. From an aerial view of the patchwork of fields in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to a spare room in a family home in Claybane, Saskatchewan, to the stadium and public library in Calgary, these images evoke the cultural threads that hold Canada together.

  • A Safe Girl to Love

    Casey Plett

    Plett’s debut collection of stories – 11 stories that feature young trans women coming of age in settings that range from a rural Mennonite town to a hipster gay bar in Brooklyn – is now available in a new edition that includes an afterword by the author.

  • A Stage for Debate

    The Political Significance of Vienna’s Burgtheater, 1814-1867

    Martin Wagner

    This book presents a detailed analysis of the repertoire of the most prestigious German-language stage in the 19th century, Vienna’s Burgtheater, exploring the extent to which the repertoire contributed to important political and cultural debates on individual liberty, the role of women in society, and an understanding of national and regional identity.

  • Akia: The Other Side

    Norma Dunning

    The latest collection of poems by the Inuk author expresses outrage at the many historical and contemporary colonial injustices toward and misrepresentations of the Inuit – such as the indignity of how Inuit bodies have been displayed, the writings of Charles Dickens, the name of the Edmonton football team, and the way history has been taught for generations.

  • Alberta Comics: Home

    Alexander Finbow (Editor), Jillian Fleck, Theresa Wong

    Alberta creators responded to the theme of home with a range of characters, from a robot to a leopard gecko to a young mother; settings from Calgary’s Chinatown to a zombie-infested small town Byemoor to a crashed starship; and stories that include quests, escapes, and reunions – presented in humorous, hopeful, haunting, and wise ways.

  • Among the Untamed

    dee Hobsbawn-Smith

    This modern retelling of the story of Joan of Arc in linked poems casts her as a Prairie-born Jeanne Dark, a protagonist who explores sexual politics, feminism, gender identity, and how one makes meaning of life. By turns angry, visceral, and hopeful, the lyric poems are filled with tenderness and magic.

  • An Intense Calling

    How Ethics Is Essential to Education

    Jesse Bazzul

    This book argues that ethics should be the prime focus for the field of education because education involves finding better ways of living and being in the world. Bazzul disentangles ethics, urgent political issues, and pressing educational contexts of the 21st century.