ArticlesIssue 75, Fall/Winter 2019/20

  • Young Adult/Children

    Shepherd and Wolfe return with the right combination of suspense, fear, and fun

    Like its three predecessors, Shepherd’s Call, the latest YA suspense novel from Counios & Gane, hits the ground running. While at the high school graduation of his friend Tony Shepherd, Charlie Wolfe is threatened into a car by a couple of men who present like “thugs” from central casting, but who soon make it clear this is real life and it is scary.
  • En Français

    The fruits of hatred

    The writer who uses the pen name Margot Joli did not set out to write this type of novel. “What I wanted to do,” she says, “was to write a novel about hate.” But there you go. Le fruit de la haine, the first title in the Corporal Sylvain Trudel of the RCMP trilogy, has been published by Éditions de la nouvelle plume of Regina.
  • En Français

    Quand le mobile est la haine

    L’auteure qui publie sous le nom de plume Margot Joli n’avait pas l’intention d’écrire ce genre de roman. « Ce que je voulais faire », dit-elle, « c’était d’écrire un roman sur la haine. » Mais voilà que Le fruit de la haine, le premier titre d’une trilogie de romans policiers mettant en vedette le caporal Sylvain Trudel de la GRC, est paru aux Éditions de la nouvelle plume de Regina.
  • En Français

    Poet writes for his own entertainment, for the joy it brings, and for understanding

    Bertrand Nayet captures his memories, his emotions, and his life moments in his new collection of poems. “This second notebook, in a series of three, is about me. I share the good and the not so good,” says the author of à deux degrés du paradis – Les carnets de mythologies appliquées – deuxième carnet.
  • En Français

    Un poète qui prend plaisir à faire plaisir et à être compris

    Dans son nouveau recueil de poèmes, Bertrand Nayet capte les souvenirs, les émotions et les moments de sa propre vie. « Ce deuxième carnet, d’une série de trois carnets, c’est moi. J’exprime le bon et le moins bon », dit l’auteur de à deux degrés du paradis – Les carnets de mythologies appliquées – deuxième carnet.
  • Dispatches

    Neither unbroken nor total. A few murmurs petering out as anticipation turns to attention and attendees break off their conversations mid-sentence and look toward the podium. The faces of the audience are expectant, inquisitive. This is the moment their openness can best be harnessed, and transformed into engagement.