PreviewsGreg Albo

  • A New Global Geometry?

    The Socialist Register 2024

    Greg Albo (Editor)

    This newest edition of the Socialist Register series takes stock of how the momentous changes resulting from U.S. President Joe Biden’s 2022 National Security Strategy might alter the trajectory of globalization or point toward a new global geometry, and assesses potential resistances from socialist movements.

  • The Socialist Register 2021

    Beyond Digital Capitalism: New Ways of Living

    Leo Panitch (Editor), Greg Albo (Editor)

    Digital technology has refashioned ways of working and ways of consuming, in addition to ways of communicating. Topics in this book range from artificial intelligence and communicating on social media to community restaurants and health care.

  • The Socialist Register 2022

    New Polarizations, Old Contradictions: The Crisis of Centrism

    Greg Albo (Editor), Colin Leys (Editor)

    The essays in the 58th volume of the Socialist Register examine the multiplication of polarized national, racial, generational, and other identities in the context of growing inequality in income and wealth, new forms of regional and urban antagonism, “vaccine nationalism,” and the shifting parameters of great power rivalry.