PreviewsDuane Bratt

  • Blue Storm

    The Rise and Fall of Jason Kenney

    Duane Bratt (Editor), Richard Sutherland (Editor), David Taras (Editor)

    This book is the first scholarly analysis of the 2019 Alberta provincial election and the first years of the United Conservative Party, with a special focus on Jason Kenney’s rise to, and fall from, power. Top political watchers, journalists, and academics examine the complex and ongoing issues of oil and gas, health care, and education in Alberta, including the impacts of COVID-19.

  • Orange Chinook

    Politics in the New Alberta

    Duane Bratt (Editor), Keith Brownsey (Editor), Richard Sutherland (Editor), David Taras (Editor)

    In 2015, the New Democratic Party of Alberta won the provincial election, forming an NDP government for the first time in the history of the province. This analysis of the election looks at the campaigns of the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP, and the roles of polling, social media, leadership styles, Indigenous activism, and the oil industry.