PreviewsDeana Driver

  • Crash Harrison

    Tales of a Bomber Pilot Who Defied Death

    Deana J. Driver (Editor), Deana Driver

    Written in the voice of 100-year-old celebrated war veteran Reginald Harrison, this book shares his experiences of growing up on a Saskatchewan farm during the Dirty Thirties, and then his time in the Second World War as a bomber pilot in England, when he survived four crashes, thereby earning the nickname “Crash.”

  • Don’t They Kick When You Do That? Vol. 2

    More Stories of a Prairie Veterinarian

    Gary Hoium, Deana Driver (Editor)

    This second collection of amusing anecdotes about the animals and humans Dr. Hoium has encountered over 40 years as a veterinarian in a mixed-animal practice in southeastern Saskatchewan shows why it is important to ask questions when buying a “used” rabbit, how a dog’s day is determined by smelly pants, and many more of the challenges, risks, and dangers associated with a variety of animals.

  • Fun On The Farm 3

    True Tales of Farm Life

    Deana Driver (Editor)

    This third and final volume of the popular series includes treasured memories – calamities, surprises, and delights – by 20 Prairie writers, who tell of cranky cattle, mixed messages, curious youngsters, rural driving lessons, and more.

  • Rebuilding a Brick Wall

    Deana Driver (Editor), Susanne Gauthier, Evan Wall (Co-author)

    Evan, a young man from Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, has to relearn how to talk, eat, and walk after a car collision leaves him with a traumatic brain injury. No longer the “Brick Wall” of his high school football days, he must also deal with ableism. Told from Evan’s point of view, this memoir presents the world of disability in a fresh way.

  • Tunnels of Time

    Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #1

    Mary Harelkin Bishop, Deana Driver (Editor), Wendi Nordell (Illustrator)

    This updated edition of Bishop’s first book in the Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure series has shorter chapters, black-and-white illustrations, historical notes, an author Q & A, and discussion questions. It tells the story of 13-year-old Andrea who, while in Moose Jaw to be in her cousin’s wedding, falls into one of the famous secret tunnels and is pulled into the 1920s.

  • Tunnels of Tyranny

    Moose Jaw Time Travel Adventure #4

    Mary Harelkin Bishop, Deana Driver (Editor), Wendi Nordell (Illustrator)

    To help their grandfather in the present, 16-year-old Andrea and her 11-year-old brother Tony travel back in time to the tunnels below 1920s Moose Jaw, where they reconnect with friends and try to stop Ku Klux Klan members from carrying out illegal and racist plans.