PreviewsCandace Savage

  • Always Beginning

    The Big Bang, the Universe, and You

    Candace Savage, Rachel Wada (Illustrator)

    With warmth and wonder, and stunning art, this picture book introduces the universe’s history from the Big Bang and the creation of the planets to the beginning of life on Earth and up to today. A timeline and notes explaining the science are included as back matter.

  • Hello, Crow

    Candace Savage, Chelsea O’Byrne (Illustrator)

    Franny’s new friend eats lunch with her and brings her shiny gifts, but her dad won’t believe she can have a crow for a friend. How can she prove that she’s not just a “featherhead”?

  • Prairie

    A Natural History of the Heart of North America, Revised Edition

    Candace Savage

    This revised edition features a new preface and updated research on the effects of climate change on an increasingly vulnerable landscape, along with new information of the conservation of threatened species, grassland loss and conservation, the health of rivers and the water tables, and the benefits of regenerative agriculture.