PreviewsIssue 76, Spring/Summer 2020

  • Contact!Unload

    Military Veterans, Trauma, and Research-Based Theatre

    George Belliveau (Editor), Graham W. Lea (Editor)

    This book explores the development, performance, and reception of Contact!Unload, a play that brings to life the personal stories of veterans returning from deployment overseas. The play and the book serve as a model for using arts-based approaches to mental health care.

  • Contes bleus à encre économe

    Ian C. Nelson

    L’auteur a créé une série de micro nouvelles où il invite le public à trouver les liens et les thèmes qui lui semblent intriguants et surprenants. Un texte économe peut bien cacher des surprises! // In this collection of microfiction, the author invites his readers to find the links and themes that are intriguing and surprising. With few words, one can definitely hide many surprises!

  • Creating Healthy Organizations

    Taking Action to Improve Employee Well-Being, Revised and Expanded Edition

    Graham Lowe

    This revised and expanded edition provides an evidence-based practical guide to strengthening the links between employee well-being and performance in any organization and an updated analysis of the hurdles to overcome and factors of success.

  • Crossing Borders

    Essays in Honour of Ian H. Angus

    Samir Gandesha (Editor), Peyman Vahabzadeh (Editor)

    These original and cutting-edge essays by outstanding and diverse Canadian and international scholars engage with Ian Angus’s rich contributions to three distinct, but overlapping, fields: Canadian studies, phenomenology and critical theory, and communication and media studies.

  • Cry Wolf

    Inquest into the True Nature of a Predator

    Harold R. Johnson

    In 2005, Kenton Carnegie was killed in a wolf attack near his work camp in northern Saskatchewan. Johnson analyzes the evidence – some of which was ignored or falsified or at the very least misrepresented in the report by the coroner’s expert – to examine this story and other attacks, showing how our relationship with wolves is shifting, to our peril.

  • Digital Politics in Canada

    Promises and Realities

    Tamara Small (Editor), Harold Jansen (Editor)

    This book looks at Canadian political practice and the increased use of digital politics, featuring chapters on the rapid digitization of Indigenous people, women, and young people, and taking an in-depth look at key issues of online surveillance and Internet voting.

  • Dissonant Methods

    Undoing Discipline in the Humanities Classroom

    Ada S. Jaarsma (Editor), Kit Dobson (Editor)

    This innovative collection probes how, by teaching inventively, post-secondary instructors can resist the constrictions of neo-liberalism. The contributors offer practical meditations on resistant and sustainable teaching and seek to undermine forms of oppression frequently practised in higher education, aiming instead for critical thinking, creativity, and inclusivity.

  • Eerie Edmonton

    Rhonda Parrish, Rona Anderson (Co-author)

    Are there really spirits lurking around Fort Edmonton and the provincial legislature? Do ghosts haunt the halls of the University of Alberta? This collection of more than 40 stories reveals the truth in the tales people tell and highlights Edmonton’s dark shadows and colourful past.

  • Endlings

    Joanna Lilley

    These lyrical and melancholic poems tell the stories of “endlings,” the last individuals of a species, sometimes in their voices, sometimes in the words of official reports, and sometimes from the perspective of those who loved them and those who killed them, exposing the brutality of Nature and the devastation of human ignorance, carelessness, and intent.

  • Et fuir encore

    Rossel Vien

    Ce livre est une nouvelle édition du premier recueil de nouvelles de Rossel Vien, fils adoptif, méconnu, du Manitoba où il a vécu sa vie adulte, parue en 1972 sous un pseudonyme chez Hurtubise dans la collection L’arbre qui a accueilli Anne Hébert, Gabrielle Roy, Jacques Ferron, Yves Thériault. // This book is a new edition of Rossel Vien’s first short story collection, published in 1972 under a pseudonym by the Québec publishing house Hurtubise in the prestigious L’arbre collection, alongside such greats as Anne Hébert, Gabrielle Roy, Jacques Ferron, and Yves Thériault.