• Little You / Kîya-K’apisîsisîyân

    Richard Van Camp, Julie Flett (Illustrator), Mary Cardinal Collins (Translator)

    Richard Van Camp, illustrated by Julie Flett, translated by Mary Cardinal Collins This dual language (English/Plains Cree) edition of Van Camp’s tender baby book celebrates the wonder that a baby brings to this world.

  • Lucy Tries Hockey

    Lisa Bowes, James Hearne (Illustrator)

    In this latest Lucy Tries Sports title, Lucy enrols in an introductory hockey clinic where she and her friends learn basic hockey skills and have fun on the ice.

  • Mabel the Notorious Dwarf

    Sherry Peters

    The Ballad of Mabel Goldenaxe trilogy concludes with Mabel’s latest adventure. Her career in the movies is over, and her relationship with Brent the art dealer is not a healthy one. Maybe she should return to her first love, axe throwing?

  • Miles To Go

    Beryl Young

    Set in 1940s Saskatchewan, this story of a friendship between Anna, from a large Polish immigrant family, and Maggie, the daughter of the local RCMP officer in charge, explores loss, family, loyalty, and the value of keeping a promise.

  • Monsters

    David A. Robertson

    In this second novel in The Reckoner series, Cole Harper tries to settle into life in the Wounded Sky First Nation, but that isn’t easy when he has to solve the mysteries of what the creature in Blackwood Forest is all about, who is responsible for locking down the health clinic, and how his father died, all while dealing with high school.

  • Moon of the Crusted Snow

    Waubgeshig Rice

    Blending action and allegory, this post-apocalyptic novel shows how resilience rises. When a small northern Anishinaabe community is overrun with manipulative visitors from the south after a catastrophe, the people turn to Evan Whitesky to lead them back to the land and Anishinaabe tradition to thrive again.

  • Murder at the St. Alice

    Becky Citra

    In 1908, 16-year-old Charlotte O’Dell lives and works at the St. Alice Hotel to make enough money to finish school. She organizes a march for suffragettes and makes new friends, including one of the regulars, Mr. Doyle – but then Doyle is murdered, and Charlotte is arrested.

  • My Buddy, Dido!

    Marion Mutala, Olha Tkachenko (Illustrator)

    Dedicated to the grandfathers of the world, this charming picture book celebrates the love two siblings have for their dido in rhyming text and vibrant illustrations depicting his storytelling, cooking, and playful ways.

  • pressure cooker love bomb

    Sharanpal Ruprai

    Ruprai’s humorous poetry collection includes poems masquerading as recipes and as survival guides and simmered in love. Her work explores sexuality, racial tensions, and questions of gender conformity.

  • Remembrance

    Bess Hamilton

    Maggie Lancaster was not sad when her husband William died in the First World War, but when he comes home, seven years later, unable to speak and with no memory, she feels compelled to uncover the secrets from before and during the war.

  • Rescue in the Rockies

    Rita Feutl

    Janey is spending the holidays with her grandma in Banff, when, annoyed with her grandma’s boyfriend Max, she runs away and ends up farther away than she thought possible – back in time first to 1883, then, with Max along, to an internment camp during the First World War, and finally to an “Indian Days” celebration after the war. How can she make it back to the present?

  • Romeo for Real

    Markus Harwood-Jones

    A companion novel to Just Julian, this modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with two young men as the lovers, gives the athletic and popular Romeo’s perspective of the developing romance.

  • Si la princesse venait diner

    Monique LaCoste

    Lorsque Samuel et Maxime passent à table, ces deux petits garçons pourtant si mignons deviennent de vrais sauvageons! Où sont passées les bonnes manières? Si la princesse venait diner, elle serait tout simplement choquée! Est-ce une façon de se comporter? When Samuel and Maxime sit down at the dinner table, those two little boys, as cute as they may be, become real hellions! What ever happened to etiquette? If the princess were to come over for dinner, she would be absolutely shocked! Is that any way to behave?

  • Somewhere North of Normal

    Adam Lindsay Honsinger

    The short stories in this collection defy what is deemed impossible and bend reality, granting lost souls – an electrocuted artist, a man who wakes after falling four stories – transcendence and emotional reconciliation.

  • The Bunny Band

    Bill Richardson, Roxanna Bikadoroff (Illustrator)

    Lavinia the badger is an avid gardener, so is dismayed to find one morning that her lettuce has been nibbled and her potatoes have disappeared. She traps the culprit,a frightened rabbit, who rewards her for letting her go by bringing dozens of bunnies with all kinds of instruments to play enchanting music night after night.

  • The Cat Among Us

    Louise Carson

    Gerry Coneybear is spending her first Christmas at the Maples, with no one but the 23 cats her aunt left her to help her celebrate in this third Maples Mystery. The discovery of a 100-year-old skeleton in her wood shed and then a much more recent body give Gerry, and the cats, lots to investigate.

  • The Ice Chips and the Haunted Hurricane

    Roy MacGregor, Kim Smith (Illustrator), Kerry MacGregor

    This second title in a chapter book series by the MacGregor father-daughter duo, illustrated by Calgary-based Smith, takes the time-travelling Ice Chips hockey team to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the middle of a storm, to learn about perseverance and creativity from a young Sidney Crosby.

  • The Land of Yesterday

    K. A. Reynolds

    Winnipeg-raised Reynolds explores grief and guilt in this fantasy story of Cecelia Dahl, who must journey to the Land of Yesterday – where her brother’s soul went when he was killed in an accident, and where her mother went to be with him – in order to make life worth living again.

  • The Mask

    Eric Howling

    Centre on a bantam hockey team, Logan Grant had it all until a terrible fire left him scarred and embarrassed. An old goalie mask gives him the courage to return to the rink and to discover that a person’s true worth lies in inner goodness, not surface appearances.

  • The Musician’s Compass

    Del Suelo

    Devon is the bass player for a folk-punk band that is finally starting to go places, until things collapse the morning after their gig in Berlin. This novel includes an appendix of music theory that forms the structure of the story. A companion full-length 12-song CD is available, sold separately, with each song corresponding to a specific chapter.