PreviewsIssue 83, Fall/Winter 2023/24

  • All Sky, Mirror Ocean: A Healing Manifesto

    Brad Necyk

    Weaving together autobiography, research-creation, and creative philosophy, this book explores mental illness, healing, and visionary art. Presenting art and stream-of-consciousness writing, visual artist Necyk celebrates the spontaneous-emotional mode of creativity.

  • All the World’s a Mall

    Rinny Gremaud, Luise von Flotow (Translator)

    Swiss journalist Gremaud recounts her travels to and through five of the biggest malls in the world, in Edmonton, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, and Casablanca. She includes histories of their construction, and portraits of the patrons, employees, and commercial executives of these centres, and critically and ironically reflects on the globalized commerce that drives these spectacular and somewhat senseless places.

  • Always Another River

    Daryl Sexsmith

    Sexsmith’s passion for canoeing comes through clearly in anecdotes about his time spent paddling Canadian rivers in his roles as camp counsellor, friend and enthusiast, and executive director of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s (CPAWS) Northwest Territories chapter, when he paddled the South Nahanni and Mackenzie rivers to promote conservation of those iconic watersheds.

  • An Ordinary Violence

    A Novel

    Adriana Chartrand

    Dawn, haunted by messages from her dead mother, has returned from her life in Toronto to her childhood home in a Prairie city – to a father who rarely emerges from his basement, a brother just released from prison, and his mysterious friend Tyler. This eerie and darkly funny horror novel explores the aftermath of trauma, violence, and loss in worlds inhabited by spirits along with humans.

  • Antecedent

    Juleta Severson-Baker

    In these nostalgic, elegiac, and reflective poems, memories and re-imaginings of rural lives, dying and dead loved ones, and former selves serve to hold space, pay tribute, and reconcile, as the speaker moves into middle age.

  • Aux lisières

    Sante A. Viselli

    Dans ce recueil de poésie, l’auteur se souvient de son passé, mais il refuse de demeurer esclave de ses souvenirs. Étranger dans un pays qui, dans un premier temps, ne semble pas le toucher, il s’égare souvent dans le labyrinthe de ses regrets, aux lisières de tout, de la vie, de l’amour, de la société, de ses contradictions. Sa vie ressemble à une quête continuelle qui le mènera à parcourir le monde. In this poetry collection, the author reminisces about his past but refuses to remain enslaved to his memories. As a stranger in a country that initially seems distant to him, he often loses himself in the labyrinth of his regrets, at the edges of everything – life, love, society, contradictions. His life resembles a continual quest that leads him to travel the world.

  • Badass(ish)

    Jaymie Heilman

    This climate change/oil sands resistance story is told by three teens – Davis, whose home was devastated by the Fort Mac fire; Renzi, who has family in Puerto Rico where their home has been ruined by hurricanes; and Jae, Renzi’s best friend, whose family is rich and privileged and whose mother defends the pipeline companies. Can they fight for what they believe in without losing their friendship?

  • Bounty

    Jason Pchajek

    Nikos Wulf is damaged from his past life as a soldier and suffering from PTSD, but that doesn’t stop him from being the king of bounty hunters, working within the sublevels of 2120 Winnipeg to maintain the ecological balance in a city holding back climate collapse.

  • Brave Like the Buffalo

    Melissa Allan, Jadyn Fischer-McNab (Illustrator)

    A calf learns to face the thunderstorm and develop resilience from the example set by his brave mama in this story – told in rhyming verse and charming illustrations – that will inspire readers to face adversity with a brave mindset and the support of others.

  • C’est ​où donc, Saint-Coton?

    Danielle S. Marcotte

    Noé, le petit avion amphibie, et son pilote Grand-Ours font des livraisons en Saskatchewan quand une tornade se forme et brouille les communications. Réussiront-ils leur mission qui consiste à transporter un jeune inventeur à une foire et une scientifique dans une ferme pour y soigner des animaux malades. Noah the little airplane and his pilot, Great Bear, are busy making deliveries in Saskatchewan when a tornado appears behind them and breaks down communications. Will they be successful in their mission, to bring a young inventor, Jérôme, to an innovation fair and a scientist, Lissa, to a farm where she will help care for sick animals?