PreviewsIssue 82, Spring/Summer 2023

  • Annie et Tom du lundi au vendredi

    Amber O’Reilly

    Annie et Tom sont un jeune couple qui connaît des difficultés financières et émotives. Ils sont mécontents de leur sort et hésitent à s’engager plus avant l’un envers l’autre. La présence de Dixie, le cellulaire de Tom, vient compliquer les choses. Annie and Tom are a young couple experiencing financial and emotional difficulties. They are unhappy with their lot and hesitant in their communications with each other. The presence of Dixie, the virtual assistant on Tom’s cell phone, is complicating things.

  • Arctic/Amazon

    Networks of Global Indigeneity

    Gerald McMaster (Editor), Nina Vincent (Editor)

    Opening with an epistolary exchange between the editors, then widening to include essays by 12 Indigenous artists, curators, and Knowledge Keepers from the Arctic and Amazon regions, and ending with over 100 image reproductions and installation shots, this book offers an extraordinary conversation about the artistic practices and geopolitical realities in two environmentally sensitive zones.

  • As I Enfold You in Petals

    Richard Van Camp, Scott B. Henderson (Illustrator)

    The second book in Van Camp’s graphic novel series tells a beautiful story of redemption. Curtis returns to Fort Smith from rehab to reconnect with his culture and to help heal his community, taking on Benny the Bank in his efforts to regain the power of the Little People.

  • Back to the Garden

    Megan Wykes

    Set in Toronto in the summer of 1971, this funny and heartbreaking novel is about four strangers who try out a new psychological treatment: group therapy. When the participants connect outside of the sessions in unforeseen and catastrophic ways, events spiral out of control.

  • Bad Cree

    A Novel

    Jessica Johns

    Eerie dreams, memories of her dead sister and kokum, crows following her – all haunt Mackenzie and send her back to her home community in Alberta to face her guilt and grief in this compelling novel about the power of female relationships.

  • Beautiful You, Beautiful Me

    Tasha Spillett-Sumner, Salini Perera (Illustrator)

    Izzy starts to notice that there are differences between her and her beloved mama – their skin is not quite the same tone, Izzy’s hair is much curlier than her mama’s long braid, their eyes are different colours – but she learns that people don’t have to match to belong to each other and to be beautiful.

  • Bebakhshid

    Nina Mosall

    Weaving poetry throughout intimate accounts, storylines, and snippets that revolve around intersections of being Iranian, an immigrant, and a woman, this book is a social commentary on the everyday experiences and treatment of Middle Easterners.

  • Spooky Sleuths #2: Beware the Moonlight!

    Natasha Deen, Lissy Marlin (Illustrator)

    In this spooky adventure, a full moon is coming as Asim, Rokshar, and Max prepare for a moon unit at school. But Mr. Maan, an astrophysicist at the lab, appears just when scary lights and explosions in the forest are seen, and he can control people’s minds. Is he a rogue scientist doing unauthorized research, or is he a supernatural Moon-Gazer?

  • Blue Storm

    The Rise and Fall of Jason Kenney

    Duane Bratt (Editor), Richard Sutherland (Editor), David Taras (Editor)

    This book is the first scholarly analysis of the 2019 Alberta provincial election and the first years of the United Conservative Party, with a special focus on Jason Kenney’s rise to, and fall from, power. Top political watchers, journalists, and academics examine the complex and ongoing issues of oil and gas, health care, and education in Alberta, including the impacts of COVID-19.

  • body works

    Dennis Cooley

    Celebrating the body in all its broken bits, these poems explore time and mortality, and how heart and soul move within the aging body (wheezing and farting), in the playful and poignant styles and the vernacular and meditative voices for which cooley is known.