Welcome to our new website!

We’re pleased to bring you the amazing collection of books featured in Prairie books NOW’s print version - but online!

Twice a year, we publish the print edition of Prairie books NOW, which includes articles and author interviews for over a dozen books, a section of featured books, and our regular publisher feature. Beyond these more in-depth pieces, we also showcase previews of hundreds more prairie books across multiple genres - fiction, non-fiction, young adult and children, En Français, poetry, and drama.

This new online presence will not, by any means, replace our print issue. Prairie books NOW lands in mailboxes and on doorstops all across the country. The team that works together to make this magazine happen is comprised of many avid readers and book-lovers who value print media in all its forms - especially books! What we hope to achieve here is to build an accessible supplement to our print issue, and to add some unique online exclusives for you to enjoy between issues.

Over the next little while, we’ll be growing the material available on this site in two directions. We’ll be moving forward, so you can see our current issue article by article (in addition to downloading the PDF version), and backward, so that you could also amble through some of our past material.

We also hope to become a resource that will help you find book-related events across the prairie provinces. If you’re an author, publisher, or bookseller who would like to promote a prairie book-related event, please add your information to our events page.

Watch this space for shorter missives and publishing news. If there’s something you’d like to share here, please send us an email at hello (at) prairiebooksnow.ca.

We hope you enjoy this new format. Read on!

-Anastasia Chipelski, managing editor

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