PreviewsNorma Dunning

  • Akia: The Other Side

    Norma Dunning

    The latest collection of poems by the Inuk author expresses outrage at the many historical and contemporary colonial injustices toward and misrepresentations of the Inuit – such as the indignity of how Inuit bodies have been displayed, the writings of Charles Dickens, the name of the Edmonton football team, and the way history has been taught for generations.

  • Eskimo Pie: A Poetics of Inuit Identity

    Norma Dunning

    This collection examines Dunning’s life experience as an Inuk who was born and raised and who continues to live south of 60, as she maintains/reclaims the Inuit language and culture despite the many assimilative practices that Inuit continue to face.

  • Kinauvit?

    What’s Your Name? The Eskimo Disc System and a Daughter’s Search for her Grandmother

    Norma Dunning

    When Dunning applied for her and her sons’ Nunavut beneficiary status, she was asked for her disc number. This led to an intense investigation into the Eskimo Identification Canada system and an obsession with finding disc lists, few of which were on public record. This book presents years of research, interviews with community members, and Dunning’s personal story to provide a critical record and response to this hidden history.