Previewsdee Hobsbawn-Smith

  • Among the Untamed

    dee Hobsbawn-Smith

    This modern retelling of the story of Joan of Arc in linked poems casts her as a Prairie-born Jeanne Dark, a protagonist who explores sexual politics, feminism, gender identity, and how one makes meaning of life. By turns angry, visceral, and hopeful, the lyric poems are filled with tenderness and magic.

  • Bread & Water


    dee Hobsbawn-Smith

    These lyrical essays use the two fundamental elements of sustenance – food and water – as a lens through which to explore the hungers of the human soul, mixing themes of floods and place, grief and loss, food as an expression of culture, the politics of local and sustainable food, the restaurant industry, grandmothers and mentors, and aging gracefully.

  • Every Day We Disappear

    Angela Long, dee Hobsbawn-Smith (Editor)

    This book tells of Long’s travels around the world – planting trees in northern B.C., hitchhiking to Mexico, exploring her spirituality in India, and showing her Italian lover the “edge of the world,” Haida Gwaii – in playful and poetic personal essays.